INB mats and hippodrom tiles

The high-load Mosolut INB outdoor mat offers animals comfort during outdoor standing and easy riding of agricultural machinery.


Hippodrome tiles effectively separate the surface layers of the riding hall.

Mosolut INB

  • Low maintenance and cost effective throughout the product life
  • Interlocking design enables easy & quick installation
  • Anti-slip design with ideal aperture size for horses
  • Easy installation – No substructure necessary
  • Excellent water drainage through the surface
  • Durable, non-rotting and weather resistant
  • Suitable for multiple agricultural purposesent of horses and cattle
  • Outdoor installation eliminates the formation of deep mud and offers effective ground
    reinforcement at feeding or access roads

Hippodrome tiles

  • The hippodrome tiles is a semi-closed structure with a solid bottom preventing the penetration of sand and a system of drainage overflows
  • It is intended for the construction of All Weather riding halls of all types.
  • The design enables quick and easy laying, even by yourself.
  • The structure of the stable prevents mixing of the individual layers and the risk of the horse stepping on the ground.
  • The depression system enables partial accumulation of irrigation and rainwater, reduces dustiness in the space and keeps sand from penetrating the substructure.
  • The partially open design minimizes the risk of clogging the drainage channels.
  • The use of honeycomb extends the overall life of the rink.
  • It reduces the risk of irreversible damage due to faulty maintenance.
  • Simplifies service and recovery.
  • It is made of tough plastic, resistant to aging and brittleness in the cold.
  • Connection using fixed locks to the required dimensions and shape.

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