Mosolut Machine

Heavy duty PVC tiles for the manufacture areas, warehouses, garages, workshops.
Installation with/without gluing or cold welding.

Machine Industry

  • Universal use in production areas,
    warehouses and garages
  • Hard surface resistant to abrasion, mechanical damage and heavy-duty loads
  • Saves time and money thanks to self-
    -installation, even during full production operation
  • Resistant to chemicals and aggressive
  • Flexible surface good for long-term
    stationary loads
  • Color variability to highlight work zones
  • Ideal flooring for forklift operation
  • Ease of renovation by replacing any part anywhere in the room

The PVC tiles we offer are designed to withstand everyday use as well as long-term parking. At the same time, you don’t have to deal with salt exposure in winter, they won’t get damaged. On rainy days, they allow you to divert moisture away, while also structurally assisting ventilation under the tiles for proper air circulation. Combine the color options of the tiles to create a floor mosaic that fits your space in color.

Machine Invisible

  • Universal use in production and technical spaces, in warehouses and workshops
  • Hard surface that is resistant to abrasion and mechanical damage
  • Saves time and money thanks to self-installation, even during full production operation
  • Unique design that facilitates easy maintenance and cleaning without special products
  • Tiles can be cold welded to perfectly seal the joints
  • Resistant to chemicals and aggressive
  • Color variability to highlight work zones
  • Ideal flooring for forklift operation

Machine XL

  • Universal application in the workshop and garage, common areas, locker and cloak rooms
  • Easier handling and installation thanks to large format design
  • Resistant to chemicals and aggressive substances
  • Unique design that facilitates easy maintenance and cleaning without special products
  • Ease of renovation by replacing any part anywhere in the room

Machine ESD

  • The advantages are variability, creation of an EPA space and their immediate installation and use without technological interruptions or downtime
  • A durable material that can be laid on
    existing flooring, whether PVC or coarse concrete
  • Another advantage is the easy disassembly of the floor and its transfer to other areas
  • For the overall safe function of the ESD system, we will supply you with
    a grounding kit and grounding foil
  • If the floor needs to be attached, we
    recommend using Step Tac tape


Thanks to a specially developed direct printing process, we ensure high-quality color transfer directly to PVC. Printing takes place directly on the material, not on paper. It doesn’t matter the tone of the background, for color saturation, the motif is prepared for a white underprint, or a specially developed white tile is used.

Therefore, your logo or inscription can also contain subtle transitions and lines that are typical of photographs and drawings. The durability of the PVC tile print depends on the intensity of use of the floor in the selected area and the method of surface treatment.

Own design

If you are setting up a professional garage, showroom, studio or other spaces, you can improve your floor own logo or inscription. The print is suitable for MOSOLUT MACHINE paving in the pattern skin.

Warning signs in the garage to facilitate parking
• Cheerful mottos and encouraging slogans
• Printed floor sets as an original gift
• Matching the car brand to the floor for true connoisseurs
• Presentation of sponsors and other business partners

Granite collection

Enhance your floor with a granite print. It is suitable for dark tiles of the MOSOLUT MACHINE type in a leather pattern, made of pure and recycled PVC. Thanks to the Granit print, a visually uniform tile becomes a design and above all practical floor. And you don’t have to
printed all the tiles, just need a few and the effect will also appear.

GRANIT contains 6 standard patterns of grain printing, which differ in grain size and color combination.

MAX collection

The MAX print contains 7 preselected motifs, where you can hardly tell that it is a print and not real material. This gives you a durable floor that will enhance the look of any room.



Beveled leading edges not only ensure easy entry and exit to and from the space, but they protect edges and integrate them into the overall design of the room. You can use a combination of colors to indicate the driveway. In the case of open areas, where leading edges are used from multiple sides, the corner piece becomes the connecting element of the tiles.


Try framing the lower part of the wall adjacent to the floor using plinths directly from the Mosolut Machine tiles. Thanks to this, you will be able to: Protect the walls from digging and other damage, prevent water leakage when mopping in the event of an imperfect end of the paving, eliminate the problem of dirt settling in cracks when the paving is not perfectly abutting the wall of the room, you will cover imperfect cuts

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