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200 m2, Vespa Viena, AT

Product: Mosolut Machine tiles

1 000 m2, Mělník, CZ

Product: Mosolut Sport


430 m2, Jablůnka, CZ

Product: PVC Mosolut Machine

240 m2, Munchen, DE

Product: PVC Mosolut Machine

Photos are worth a thousand words

Mosolut Machine
2023 CZ Škoda Auto a.s. Mosolut Machine 290 m2
2023 CZ Samohýl Group a.s. Mosolut Machine 770 m2
2023 CZ Lumina Park CZ Mosolut Heavy 650 m2
2023 HU Lumina Park HU Mosolut Heavy 850 m2
2023 CZ Údržba silnic Karlovarského kraje, a.s. Mosolut Machine 600 m2
2022 Sassenberg, DE Mosolut Machine 850 m2
2022 Dax, FR Arènes de Dax, exhibiton Mosolut Heavy 1400 m2
2021 Havířov, CZ Hockey cabins and sports hall Mosolut Machine 665 m2
2022 Praskačka, CZ Equestrian club Žižkovec Mosolut INB 300 m2
2022 Milano,  IT New Gma Società Cooperativa Mosolut Heavy 460 m2
2022 Prostějov, CZ Military unit, temporary buildings Mosolut Event 1000 m2
2020 Altlandsberg, DE Mosolut Heavy 460 m2
2022 Stuttgart, DE SSV Zuffenhausen e.V. Mosolut Event 450 m2
2021 Lomnice nad Popelkou, CZ Feed warehouse Mosolut Machine 770 m2
2021 Poděbrady, CZ Ritual communication, car exhibiton Prague Performance Floor 85 m2
2021 Desná, CZ Production area Mosolut Machine 288 m2
2021 Vigarano Mainarda, IT Clinica veterinaria Futur Vet Mosolut INB 245 m2
2022 Magdeburg, DE Heavy Media GmbH, fitness Mosolut Fitness tiles 110 m2
2021 Aosta, IT Cogne Acciai Speciali S.p.A 1060 m2
2022 Moravičany, CZ Warehouse Mosolut Machine 140 m2
2021 Nitra, SK Luxury direct, warehouses Performance Floor 120 m2
2022 Tezze di Piave, IT Giacomini & Gambarova srl Mosolut INB 245 m2
2021 Tvrdonice, CZ

Farma Podluží s.r.o.
Horse breeding

Mosolut INB 215 m2
2021 Kšely, CZ Stáj NaPoli, z.s.
Horse breeding
Mosolut INB 150 m2
2022 IMST, AT Glenthof Sportstätten GmbH Mosolut Heavy 1707 m2

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