Mosolut Performance

For more than 30 years, Mosolut Performance tiles have been popular especially among lovers of fast cars and fans of tuning and motoring. This is not only because of their durability and simple installation, but for their imaginative design.


Very easy installation without tools for assembly or  disassembly
Resistant to all lifting systems: air jacks, mobile jacks, etc.
Anti-static material composition does not interfere with  telemetry or measuring systems
Easy to clean
Suitable for underfloor heating

Material: UV-resistant polypropylene PP, 100%


Detailing centre
Car service
Car and motorcycle shop


Number of tiles per 1m² = 6

Perfect design, easy installation, resilience

Are you looking for a floor that matches your brand, where sports and modified cars will stand out, that will go from place to place with you throughout the season at racing meetings, and that won’t get hurt?



400 x 400 mm

height: 18 mm

load: 30 t/m2


For your logo and signs


800 x 800 mm
height: 18 mm

Race Flat 


400 x 400 mm

height: 18 mm

load: 30 t/m2



Mosolut Performance Floor tiles from the RACE range are available in 14 colours.
In the RACE FLAT product range we offer 9 colours.


Beveled leading edges not only ensure easy entry and exit to and from the space, but they protect edges and integrate them into the overall design of the room. You can use a combination of colors to indicate the driveway. In the case of open areas, where leading edges are used from multiple sides, the corner piece becomes the connecting element of the tiles.


The expansion parts of paving are used to absorb the movement of interlocking tiles mainly caused by heat expansion. To create a perfect surface, the space can also be used to place LED lighting

Modular floors


The modular design of the system allows quick and simple assembly and disassembly and the colour range of the elements can imaginatively support the company’s design or favourite colour tuning. The system is highly variable and can be installed almost everywhere. The floor can be easily folded and disassembled without the use of tools and by yourself. Laying a square metre takes about 2 minutes, disassembly is equally simple. If the space is irregular in size, the necessary shapes are simply cut with a knife or saw.

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