Mosolut Sport

Matches are played regularly on Mosolut Sport tiles, whether World Championships or exhibition tournaments in streetball, floorball, football and handball. They are also good for wheelchair basketball, sledge inline hockey or rugby. The new generation of plastic sports surface is not only mobile, but also compact and it completely replaces existing surfaces
like linoleum, parquet or floorboards.


Easy simple application
High mechanical resistance
High weather resistance
Easy cleaning and maintenance
Easy repairability
Ecological application, environmentally friendly
Possibility to line a multifunctional playground
Solution for various sports


The different types of paving are suitable for indoor and outdoor sports activities:

Football, basketball
Roller skating
Field hockey, floorball
Wheelchair sports


Dimension: 335 x 335 x 13 mm

Weight: aprox 400g

Material: Polypropylene with mineral additive, eco-friendly

For municipal, school and professional playgrounds and stadiums


Did you know that the plastic tiles from the Mosolut Sport edition are used not only on regular pitches, but also in professional stadiums? More than once they were part of the World Inline Hockey Championships or the World Hockey Championships. They are simply ideally designed for these land sports. Players don’t slip underfoot, they can rely on the surface for running and stopping, the puck glides nicely on the surface and doesn’t get stuck anywhere.

Evo indoor

  • The most advanced and progressive tiles in the world of sports surfaces
  • Specially developed for in-line hockey, but can just as well be used for other sports from futsal and basketball to floorball and badminton
  • Evo anti-slip surface with an impressed pattern of small triangles will give you 100% confidence whether running or moving in a wheelchair or on skates at high speed and with great slide of the puck.


  • Specially treated paving surface just right for tennis players and tennis ball bounce
  • Protrusions ensuring 100% friction for tennis ball bounce perfectly imitates the game on clay
  • Comfort and safety when moving about, whether under dry or wet conditions
  • Universal use around swimming pools, good for walking barefoot on

Sport Multi

  • Universal sports use, especially outdoors
  • Specially developed for ball sports, because it ensures the perfect bounce of the ball thanks to its firmness
  • A large number of holes guarantees the fast drainage of water and also fast drying of the substrate

Inline Outdoor

  • Excellent stability and safety for skating
  • These tiles have been specially developed for outdoor use
  • Their size remains stable even with high temperature fluctuations
  • They have expansion joints, so you are not required to use many expansion strips of the tiles
  • Better conditions for skating, braking, turning and guiding the puck
  • Thanks to the well elaborated composition of the material, the surface can be frozen under ice over the winter
  • The matte surface prevents unpleasant reflections of lights, camera flashes and sunlight



In order to prevent excessive expansion and shrinkage of the paving during temperature fluctuations, special expansion tiles are inserted into the surface together with tiles from the Sport Multi series.

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