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We will provide you with professional floor installation all over Europe. We will save you the cost of production downtime and the trouble of hiring flooring workers.




We offer the installation of interlocking tiles from our Mosolut range, including PVC (Mosolut Machine), Polypropylene (Mosolut Hestra and Performance Floor), PVC weight boards (Mosolut Heavy), sports floors (Mosolut Fitness), and more. These are the products you will find in our portfolio. Choose a reliable and functional floor that will last for many years.


Our team of professional technicians will be delighted to assist you in selecting the appropriate floor covering and will efficiently handle the installation process. We take pride in our precise and swift work, ensuring that your garage or business premises are equipped with high-quality flooring in a timely manner, without any unnecessary delays.

PVC and PP flooring installation

Whether it’s the production premises of a corporation, a smaller design showroom, or a family business, we approach our work with extreme care and conscientiousness.

We are committed to reliably supplying you with the flooring of your choice, working quickly and professionally. We will schedule the floor installation in advance, accommodating your preferences, whether it’s overnight, on the weekend, or during regular business hours (without downtime). Our goal is to ensure that renovations or installations are completed without time pressure, resulting in a swift and clean process without the need to close your shop.

We specialize in installing flooring on problematic surfaces (such as those with oil, cracks, and damage), including adhesive applications. Additionally, we enhance pedestrian areas by adding practical access ramps tailored to facilitate passage and transitions to other areas.

Our commitment to providing individualized service, expert advice, and professional planning and order processing is unwavering. Our services extend throughout Europe.

Our realizations

200 m2, Vespa Viena, AT

Product: Mosolut Machine tiles

1 000 m2, Mělník, CZ

Product: Mosolut Sport


430 m2, Jablůnka, CZ

Product: PVC Mosolut Machine

240 m2, Munchen, DE

Product: PVC Mosolut Machine

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Mosolut Machine

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