Floor installation

We will provide you with professional floor installation all over Europe. We will save you the cost of production downtime and the trouble of hiring flooring workers.

PVC and PP flooring installation

Regardless of whether it is the production premises of a corporation, a smaller design showroom, or a family business, extremely careful and conscientious execution of work is a matter of course for us.

We will reliably supply you with the floor of your choice, we work quickly and professionally. We will agree on the date of laying the floor in advance. Whether it’s overnight, on the weekend or during ongoing traffic (without downtime). We will help you so that the renovation or installation is not carried out under time pressure. This means a quick and clean renovation without having to close your shop.

We also perform installations on problematic floors (oil, cracks and damage), including gluing.
We will complement the pedestrian areas with practical access ramps tailored to the passage and transitions to other areas

We offer our customers individual service, competent advice and professional planning and processing of orders.
We offer our services throughout Europe.

Last projects

600 m2, Vienna, AT

Product: PVC Machine tiles

The base here needed to be partially renovated and partially sanded. The PVC tiles were only partially glued with double-sided adhesive tape to avoid shifting.

242 m2, Milovice, CZ

Product: Performance Floor tiles

430 m2, Jablůnka, CZ

Product: PVC Machine tiles

The production premises of the company with high demands on a load-bearing floor that is easy to clean.

700 m2, Opava, CZ

Product: PVC Machine tiles

The area of the hall in STK Opava is a very demanding environment. The concrete base was heavily cracked and destroyed by oil and other fluids from the cars. The restoration of the surface completely changed the appearance of the entire space within three days. Due to the operation, the entire surface here had to be glued with a two-component adhesive. Color-separated zones make it easier to navigate and approach vehicles.

200 m2, Olbramovice, CZ

Product: Mosolut Machine tiles

The Mosolut Machine floor was chosen here because of its great properties, durability and also for its appearance. I use the space as a photo studio for cars in a car dealership. It was necessary to ensure resistance to tires with PU varnish and the paving was locally glued.

60 m2, Praha,CZ

Product: PVC Machine tiles

In a new construction in Prague, an epoxy screed was applied to the basement of an apartment building. Unfortunately, within a year it was cracked and bulging due to groundwater. The damaged epoxy screed had to be removed and then Mosolut Machine Industry paving was laid throughout the space. Sticking was needed only at the door and in the place of a slight run-in. The whole space got a beautiful new look thanks to the installed plinths in the color of the floor.


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