Mosolut Heavy

Removable floor panels from one of the largest processors of PVC cable in the world. Their properties make them ideal for both indoor and outdoor purposes. They are used mainly in production halls, warehouses, workshops, winter stadiums, for agricultural purposes and livestock, but also for cultural and sporting events.


Excellent thermal insulation
Strong anti-slip panels
Chemical stability
Low flammability
Easy maintenance
Quick assembly and disassembly
Thermal insulator


Industrial, commercial and sports buildings
Manufacturing facilities
Warehouses, halls, workshops, garages
Farming and agriculture (under horses and farm animals)
Covering outdoor areas
For cultural and sporting events


The most popular mats

Interior and Exterior boards



dimension: 1200 x 800 x 23 mm

weight: 35 kg

Both side boards



dimension: 1200 x 800 x 32 mm

weight: 35 kg

Universal and durable


Mosolut Heavy load-bearing boards are innovative construction elements made from recycled plastics, offering excellent durability and lightweight properties. Ideal for indooor and outdoor use, they are resistant to weather, insects, and easy to handle. They represent an eco-friendly alternative with a long lifespan and recyclability.

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