Balcony floors in three different styles, each using Hestra tiles.


Many of the loggias and balconies in flats and apartment blocks have undergone renovation in recent years, which has added to their beauty. However, they are often far from cosy. Whether you want to enhance these few metres of fresh air with flowers, herbs or tomato pots, or create an oasis of calm with comfortable outdoor furniture, know that the right flooring is essential for your moments of well-being.

You can choose Mosolut Hestra tiles from our range. All of these floor tiles have interlocking joints around the perimeter, so you can easily install them yourself. This type of lightweight but sophisticated plastic tile is ideal for balconies and loggias. It is popular mainly because:

  • it doesn’t weigh down the structure of balconies and loggias and you don’t have to deal with anyone
  • you lay it yourself without another skilled colleague
  • fast delivery – all tiles in our shop are shipped within the next day
  • many colours and a true to life wooden finish
  • maintenance-free material that does not fade or chip
  • 5 year warranty

See how the balcony looks with Woodlook tiles in Mahogany. The mahogany wood is slightly reddish, so the space gives a warmer impression. A closer look at the tile shows not only the subtle relief of the wood, but also the different shades of reddish-brown.

If you prefer a not-so-red finish, check out dark oak tiles.

In contrast, the same type of flooring in a grey finish will cool the space down. But in this case, it goes nicely with the windows and accessories. Grey is a very neutral colour and goes well with most coloured facades or any other shade of wood. If you find grey sad and cold, avoid it, even though it is the most sought-after colour today. Rather than current trends, it should be about your feeling.

And as the last solution in this article, we offer you black flooring. Black is a very specific colour and looks great with neutral colours. You can slightly enhance the impressive effect with a black decoration on the table, or a pot or seating. For this visualisation, I chose the black Hestra tile in the classic version, but there is also Woodlook in black.
Hestra tiles can be laid over an original concrete, tile, or otherwise solid floor. Do not lay them on top of Fatrafoil, which is designed to waterproof the surface and the area under the loggia. This could damage the integrity of the surface. The back of the tiles is relatively sharp.

All Hestra tiles can be found in our balcony flooring section. Choose the one that best suits you, harmonising with your style and the intended style of your balcony and terrace.