Winter-Ready Garage


So let’s take a look with us at the pitfalls of concrete garage floors and how to protect them so they last for many seasons without adding to your worries.

Water everywhere you look:

Water can easily do the most damage to a garage. In autumn, it is essential to check the floor for damage. Unnecessary standing water inside the garage could cause unpleasant damage. Especially fungal infection and mould. Standing water also increases the humidity inside the garage, which is bad for stored machinery.

In addition to a drained area to prevent water retention in the corners, it is recommended to control the waste. Water from washing the car or even just from thawing snow must flow smoothly out of the garage and the drainage system must not be clogged. Also watch out for cracks and unevenness in the floor where water is most likely to stick.

For some people, the garage is a only useful space that doesn’t get any more attention than necessary. For the other, it’s a matter of the heart, a place so tidy that it feels better than the living room.

When it’s crumbling and scrubbing around

As the days get colder, the floor also comes into contact with salt and rock chippings, which get caught on the undercarriage of your vehicle and remain on the floor of your garage. If you have a rough concrete floor with no protection, then you’re familiar with the salt stains and stone chips that appear in the spring. In addition, the damaged concrete surface is constantly dusting.

One solution can be a concrete coating. You won’t go wrong if you reach for a waterborne coating predestined to finish concrete floor surfaces, concrete paving and walls with waterproofing properties. These coatings are often specifically designed to finish concrete floors in garages.

Oil stains are not for show

Whether the oil has leaked directly from your car or got on the floor through someone else’s fault, it’s a good idea to remove such spills as quickly as possible before the floor is damaged. Of course, the best cure is prevention, however, when it’s too late, some advice comes in handy.

The procedure to remove these stains depends on whether the oil stain is fresh or already dried. When removing a fresh oil stain from a concrete floor, first dry the excess oil spilled on the floor with ordinary paper towels. Sprinkle the stained area of the floor with water, then apply a cleaner (a dishwashing detergent that has degreasing effects is sufficient) to the stain and leave it on for about 10-15 minutes. After the time has elapsed, sprinkle the stained surface with hot water and start scrubbing the damaged area with a brush.

If removing an already dried oil stain from a concrete floor, try using pet litter. Spread a thick layer of litter over the entire stain. Fix the litter so that it stays in place for at least one day, then sweep it up and dispose of it. The litter should absorb most of the oil. Using sawdust in place of the litter is also an option.

SOLUTION: Mosolut Machine plastic garage floor

When customers ask us what kind of garage floor they should choose. We recommend Mosolut Machine tiles. It’s also the quickest and easiest solution to tackle all of the above.

When you need to protect a new concrete floor or extend the life of an old one, plastic garage flooring is the way to go, not only under the car, but also on shelves and throughout the garage. Mosolut Machine tiles will trap grit, road salt, melted snow and other dirt from the car’s undercarriage, protecting your original floor.

Clean up with just a rag
Just don’t complicate things. Melted snow, spilled oil, scattered dirt, all of it can be on the garage floor in an instant. There’s nothing like a broom and a rag with regular detergent to solve the maintenance problem.

It amuses, it pleases and it works.
The Mosolut Machine tiles also amuse us because you can really play with them. And not just during installation, where you can create checkerboards, ornaments, strips or flags from individual colours. But we can also print them for you. If you want your car’s logo on there, a photo of Pamela in their prime, or a warning line so your wife doesn’t drive into a wall when backing up.